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Gout Cure

This might seem a strange thing to put on an artist's web site, but I believe the information is that important. If Black Cherry Juice doesn't cure your Gout a strictly alkaline diet will. I guarantee it. All the information you will need to cure the Gout is here on this page.

I am a retired newspaper illustrator living in a small Southern town, supplementing my Social Security selling art prints on-line and at various festivals. Help me keep this Gout link on line by purchasing a print now and then. They're only $20.

A visitor to my site asked if I had the painting to the right in poster size. While looking for the art I found the original un-finished illustration from which this was taken and have since completed the work. Noches Sabudo is now included in my Galleries.


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Has anybody out there got the Gout? Gout is where Puric Acid creates Purines in your blood, which create what feels like GROUND GLASS between your joints. It's in every food beside Broccoli and a radish they grow in Turkey. For thirty years I suffered with Gout, ten years before anyone could tell me what it was, and ten years before a doctor would prescribe Colchacine to relieve it. Colchacine is one, I believe, of two temporary remedies in existence. Not CURE, just temporary relief. Although it works, Colchacine is a poison, hence the reluctance of my doctor to prescribe it. I watched a woman kill her husband with it on New Detectives one night, even as I was taking it for my swollen ankle. Go figure. I also have three sets of crutches friends gave me over the years to deal with Gout. I've tried balms, salves, soaks, but nothing helped, until a friend told me a cure that really works. The cure is:


From health-food stores. I drank a couple 16-ounce bottles of it the first week (undiluted), and now I take a teaspoon like cough syrup once a month (if that), and I haven't had to take an Allapurinol or Colchacine tablet in almost a year. Garlic, Broccoli and Jalapino peppers seem to cure everything else.

Update: I became complacent after two years with no attack and started indulging in the foods I like, mainly seafood. I started eating sardines again, and anchovies on my salads; the restaurant down the street had an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet I couldn't resist, and almost immediately I had a major gout attack. That was Thanksgiving weekend, '06.

This episode led me to a change my diet completely. Does Black Cherry Juice work? Yes. It worked for me for a while, and I've talked with too many people who said it cured them. But for me, I had to change my diet. Food is either acid or alkaline, and acid foods are the ones that cause purines in the blood. 99% of the food you buy in a grocery store is (acid) BAD for you. There is nothing in a supermarket, outside the produce department, that I can eat except sea salt and raisins. Since the salt content in our blood is the same as it is in ocean water, (from whence we came), it figures that sea salt will fit right into any diet. I use a lot of Bragg's Liquid Aminos, a salt substitute that tastes like soy sauce, only better. Instead of butter I use EARTH BALLANCE. Tastes exactly like butter only it's totally vegan natural. Eat only millet and flax bread. Raw juice every day - carrots, celery, cabbage, couple slices beet, and four apples to sweeten it, several stalks of Kale. Smoothie every morning, mango, couple bananas, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, etc. It's too easy for you not to be doing it.

One of the hardest things to find was something for my sweet tooth that wouldn't kill me. Under no circumstances eat anything with sugar in it. I haven't eaten a grain of sugar in years. Fructose (sugar from fruit) is okay. Raw honey (white), Agave nectar. I buy bananas in bunches, peel most and freeze them in plastic bags. Take out a couple, break them up into a blender, add 32 ounces of Vanilla Almond Milk and blend. The most perfect milkshake you'll ever have. Be sure you're sitting down when you drink it. Make these for your kids rather than sugar ice cream.

Instead of rice I use millet and flax.

FLAX, the miracle food. They found this stuff in the pyramid's. Get a coffee-grinder to grind seeds to a powder. They will pass through your body ineffectively if you don't. I put ground flax seed on EVERYTHING. Stir-frys mostly, and I like to dice up an apple into a bowl and pour on a 1/4 cup of ground flax seed. Same with a pear. Golden flax has a nutty taste.

Millet. What I do is pour a cup of Millet and a cup of Flax (ground) into a baking dish, fill the dish almost to top with pure water, bake, check and stir every half-hour. You can add an entire onion diced up, about twenty sliced garlic cloves, even raisins. I don't think it's possible to eat too much garlic. The millet and flax expands with the water, baking into a sort-of gooey cornbread. This will be your medium instead of rice (acid). You can freeze 1-helping amounts in containers to add to your stir-fries each day.

Speaking of garlic, I've started taking about four clumps of garlic cloves, wrapping them in tin foil, and baking for about 45 minutes or until they are spreadable. Before baking I take a sharp knife and "slice" each clove in the clump for easy access once they're baked. When they're done, take a butter knife and lift out the contents of each clove. They look like smoked oysters. Spread a few on a slice of millet and flax bread toast and eat. A little salt and EARTH BALLANCE makes it perfect.

Watermelon and canteloupe are very alkaline. Give me a diet where you're supposed to eat a lot of watermelon.

For munchies while watching TV eat figs, almonds or Brazil nuts rather than cookies and junk food. On a scale of alkalinity from one to ten, Figs are three-thousand! I like Black Mission Figs; they're moist and chewey. Since my prostate cancer scare I eat Brazil nuts every day. Expensive, but loaded with cancer-fighting Selenium.

Things I've learned the hard way:
Steam or stir-fry raw vegetables; nothing from a can. Use virgin olive oil exclusively. No SUGAR, ever! Agave nectar is a good sweetener, and it's fructose, not glucose. Use only sea salt. No COFFEE! Drink green tea instead. About the only nuts you can eat are Brazil and Almonds. No meat of any kind, and no seafood, except Salmon (occasional). I steam my veggies, and when I stirfry them I use virgin olive oil with an equal amount of water added. I call it "steam-fry". Virgin olive oil meansw it comes from the FIRST pressing of the olives.

The only fish I eat is Alaskan Salmon.

Health food stores have several kinds of sausage made from tofu, which taste much like the real thing and do much to excite your diet. The tofu I eat most these days is Tempeh.

ABSOLUTELY no beer or alcohol. Nothing made from flour (use soy, millet or flax flour). No canned food. Drink Black Cherry Juice every day if you can afford it. My main problem was finding a bread I can eat, until I found Millet and Flax rolls and bread at my health food store. You must not eat anything made from wheat or that contains sugar or regular salt. Raw food is best, (juicing is excellent).

I put at leasts one Jalapino pepper in everything I steam or steam-fry. The seeds are what makes it hot, so experiment until you find the right amount of seeds for the heat you like.

It's ironic that we who have gout are forced to eat healthy in spite of ourselves. An Alkaline diet will add years to your life. Other people have to rely on will-power to stay off junk food. If gout patients go back to the junk we suffer great pain.

With an alkaline diet I have been able to quit taking allapurinol, (All pills, drugs, are acid) though I keep a bottle of colchacine in the freezer just in case.

Copy the following and paste text into word processing pages so you can print them evenly. Hang them on your refrigerator and learn them.

ALKALINE FOODS - Good for you

Rule #1 - No Sugar and No regular Salt - EVER! And artificial sweeteners are even worse. Look for evaporated cane juice or use Agave nectar.

Figs 30.0
Soy Beans 12.0
Raisins 7.0 Eat all you want.
Apricots 9.5
Spinach 8.0
Almonds 3.6
Carrots 3.5
Dates 3.0
Tomatoes 1.7
Turnip/Beet tops 8.0
Peaches 1.5
Cabbage 1.8
Apples 1.0
Grapes 1.0
Bananas 1.0
Pineapple 2.0
Grapefruit 1.7
Watermelon 1.0
Celery 2.5
Cucumber 2.5
Brazil nuts 0.5
Cantaloupe 2.5
Coconuts 0.5
Lettuce 2.2
Potatoes 2.0

Vegetable oils
Chocolate (no sugar added)
Mineral water
Orange juice (raw)
Potatoes (with skins)
Watermelon (The best part of an alkaline diet)

Green Beans
Brussels Sprouts
Lambs Lettuce
Red Cabbage
I eat a Jalapino pepper with everything. I remove 80% of the seeds.

Watermelon (is neutral)

'Green Drinks'
Fresh vegetable juice
Pure water (distilled, reverse osmosis, ionised)
Lemon water (pure water + fresh lemon or lime).
Herbal Tea - Green tea excellent
Vegetable broth
Non-sweetened Soy Milk
Almond Milk

Brazil Nuts - I keep a bucket of Brazil Nuts and a hammer next to the TV remote.
Any sprouted seed


Bragg Liquid Aminos


ACID FOODS - Bad for you
Oysters 5.0
Rice 2.5
Veal 3.5
W. Wheat/Rye bread 2.5
Fish 3.5
Most nuts (except-almond/brazil nut) 2.0
Organ meats 3.0
Natural Cheese 1.5
Liver 3.0
Chicken 3.0
Peanuts 1.0 (including peanut butter)
Eggs 3.0
Most Grains 3.0

Beef, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, seeds, and legumes such as black beans.
Other Seafood (apart from occasional oily fish such as salmon)

Ice Cream

Jellies and jams
White Pasta
White Bread
Wholemeal Bread
Soy Sauce
Condiments (Tomato Sauce, Mayonnaise etc.)
Artificial Sweeteners
Honey (I use raw honey in moderation)

Fizzy Drinks
Tea (except green)
Fruit Juice (from concentrate)
Dairy Smoothies
Traditional Tea

Microwave Meals
Tinned Foods
Powdered Soups
Instant Meals
Fast Food

Saturated Fats
Hydrogenated Oils
Margarine (worse than Butter)
Corn Oil
Vegetable Oil
Sunflower Oil

Gout can ONLY be cured with DIET.

Update, 6/5/08

Google: Cancer Fighting Foods and Spices

I have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, which has caused me to regiment my diet even more. One of the best cancer fighting foods is Shitake mushrooms, which I love. I buy them DRY at a local chinese grocery store and have a cupboard full. I break them up into the stir fry. They add a texture of meat to any steamed or stir-fry meal. This cancer has also caused me to devote my time to creating. I have done about thirty paintings since my surgery. Please take a moment to check out my Art Gallery

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